Route4U Magyarország Kft.

Updated: 12/20/2017

Solution provider

Route4U is the world's first navigation for wheelchair users.

Route4U is a community sidewalk navigation app, available for Android and iOs created for people with limited mobility.

Route4U provides customised navigation for anyone according to his or her own abilities. Abilities (such as maximum curb height up or down, incline up or down, minimum width) can be set and everyone gets optimal route.

Among Route4U's existing clients are the cities of Dublin, Portsmouth and Budapest, universities, and companies like Heineken, Diófa property managers and Sziget Festival (one of the top 5 music festivals in Europe).

Due to its technological innovation, survey is extremely fast and inexpensive, operation and maintenance are very low cost and the apps are completely free for end-users.

The most important value for cities (besided offering a very important tool to its citizens and visitors), is that Route4U creates smart city analysis of the surveyed area and gives advice on efficient and effective improvement options.

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