Updated: 12/14/2017

Solution provider

We have developed a microwave reactor for wastewater treatment, Is a small equipment, works under pyrolysis converting sludge from wastewater into environmental solutions, currently we work in an industrial phase of the device.

APSU, is a small company from the Canary Islands,
We develop water technology, thanks to the Neotec Initiative of CDTI Spain

Our main development is a small microwave reactor, our technology have make the sludge from wastewater under pyrolyses porcess and becomes it into biochar and energetic gases.

Our pyrolysis process directly treats the water, does without injection of external gases

We are cleantech partners of Autodesk.

And winners of SEUA Startup Europe Awards

Our idea is to decentralize water treatments, treat sludge from wastewater near where it is produced, with obtaining regenerated water for the reuse and a biochar that allows to enrich the crops, improve the water status of the aquifers and prevent the harmful carbon emissions emitted to the air.

But we understand that the solution must be simple and economical and for that reason we have developed a solution that simplifies the processes, that lowers the cost of the product and that facilitates its implementation.

The solution is implemented in a prototype under testings.

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