Load Interactive

Updated: 12/12/2017

Solution provider

Nurture innovation by studying and developing design-driven digital products. Load Interactive is an affiliated company of the Masters in Innovation group, a leading product innovation group.

Load presents itself as a company specialized on the study and development of novel digital products. It has a national and international relevance on the development of digital solutions based on Smart, Web and mobile technologies, emphasizing design and usability. The concepts developed in Load’s digital products address a broad range of technologies, distinguishing itself in their deployment over different business areas ranging from smart industry, the Internet of Things, advanced media communications and virtual reality. The excellence manifested in this ambivalent set characterizes Load as a digital innovation engineering company with a practical and innovative mentality, scaling to the proposed challenges dimension. Some of the topics are:

Mobile Development
B2B and B2C solutions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Responsive Webdesign
Websites and web apps optimized for all sizes and screen resolutions.

Corporate Solutions
Corporate solutions tailored according to the needs of each organization. Enabling mobile solutions based on existing workflows and desktop applications.

Big Data
Decision supporting tools based on the analysis of large volumes of data from multiple sources, represented in an intuitive and visually appealing way.

Internet of Things
The next level of interaction between people and the surrounding environment through intelligent products connected with each other and with the world.

Telemetry Systems
Automated communications that allow measurements and other data collections at remote or inaccessible points, enabling easy assessment and control of your system.

Digital Marketing
Digital solutions aiming to attract or raise consumer awareness of certain products or services.

Augmented & Virtual Reality
New mechanisms of interacting with information, either in an immersive way to simulate spaces, actions or relations, or by overlapping layers of information about the world that surrounds it.

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