Innovative composting

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)
Free Waste invented an innovative system for the decomposition of organic waste through the use of automated composites. The whole process is based on the decomposition by selected microorganisms without using any chemical substance and with minimum energy consumption. After only 3 days it is possible to have a complete degradation of organic waste. The resulting product have many applications.

One Page Summary

Free Waste Srl has patented a machine capable of demolishing organic waste within a short time (about 96 hours) with the goal of turning it into a real resource and reducing, if not eliminating, the use of chemical fertilizers. The machine, through organic degradation with selected bacteria, results in a continuous cycle of degradation of organic waste, transforming the organic resource into a compost of high nutritional content as it lacks much of the heavy metals. This by-product can be used for the production of compost and natural fertilizer. The machine is also immediately useful for demolition in small communities (municipal districts, condominiums, canteens, convents, etc.), thus becoming part of the European guidelines on circular economy and community composting.