Smart City Audio Sensing

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)
The main goal of our FI-Sonic project is to build a scalable and upgradable monitoring system to analyze the city soundscape in order to measure, identify, triangulate and detect sound events.

One Page Summary

ETConcept is creating tools to monitor noise levels in real-time. Our integrated solution will provide municipalities with the necessary guidelines and tools to assist in the decision making process that will create action plans to improve the quality of life of the city population. ETConcept is currently developing the necessary robust hardware to support the network of 3D sound capturing nodes. We have also developed a novel algorithm that beats the state-of-the-art in audio identification (for city sound databases). Our current main challenge is to have a successful pilot system deployed in Lisbon to demonstrate the real potential of this new groundbreaking technology supported by the FIWARE platform. In the meanwhile, we need to establish an international collaboration network to help us deploy pilot systems in other cities of Europe. The results achieved by the pilot system proof of concept of FI-Sonic will provide realistic information of the time to market date. Nevertheless, we expect to launch the system on the second trimester of 2016. We are also looking at different markets including military applications, and the entertainment market for capturing 3D sound (with application in virtual reality and immersive digital environments).

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