Frontline Waste

Updated: 21/12/2017

Solution provider

Frontline Waste is a coalition of partners working with local communities and municipalities to help dispose excess waste with a comprehensive approach and a proprietary clean technology.

Frontline Waste works towards environmental preservation, sustainable cities & communities, and improved living conditions.   

Waste management is a key part of social and economic development. Waste left unattended drives communities to deteriorate faster; it stymies economic growth, leads to poverty, and, ultimately, to an exodus to larger cities. Improved management of solid waste, including recycling and power generation, is a national priority for most countries, since it combats climate change by avoiding pollutants and greenhouse gases. It also massively reduces the waste transport logistics, improving the air quality through avoided transport emissions. 

Frontline Waste recognises that projects and technology need to prove themselves to work with the conditions. With this premise, FW's idea works with 3 complementary aspects: a social, a financial and a technical one. 

The social aspect comprises the involvement of the community and the local government in the design and running of the proposal. The financial aspect revolves around a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), created by the project with the sole purpose of managing the newly created infrastructure asset, whereas the technical aspect includes proposals such as a portable, low-cost and ultra-high-temperature waste-to-energy plant. 

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