Updated: 21/12/2017

Solution provider

ETConcept specializes in developing smart devices for the Internet of Things. Our team has experience in electrónics, digital signal processing, IoT platforms, and data analytics. We are working on providing a turn-key solution for real-time sound monitoring for smart urban environments.

ETConcept is constituted by a team of engineers, expert in analogue, mixed-signal and digital electronic circuits. We have developed software and hardware for clients in different markets. We are currently starting an audio and acoustics division to develop a line of products for 3D sound capturing smart microphones for smart cities. Our is currently focused on statistical learning approaches applied to sound features extracted from 3D microphones for sound source location and identification (sensing the direction of abnormal noise levels, gunshot detection, among other information). Our aim is to create a full set of tools to acquire real time sound information from urban soundscapes, extract analytics and publish, through several different channels, the gathered information in formats suitable for different city stakeholders such as environmental planners, citizens, authorities, etc. Our company, considered one of FIWARE's success stories, is using FIWARE technology in order to push measurements of environmental noise pollution relates to noise to city's IT FIWARE based infrastructures. With our experience we help cities expand and implement their IT infrastructure in order to comply with the latest tendencies that are being followed by smart cities such as London, Paris and Santander.

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