Vantage School

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)
Vantage School simultaneously teaches the 21st century skills, develops art and creativity skills, and helps youths in their professional career orientation. It has unique artistic format. Young people acquire the soft skills in real life settings while doing what they truly love. It is a solid learning experience for people with entrepreneurial mindset as they will most of all need those skills.

One Page Summary

Vantage School is extracurricular school with a unique format, where young people acquire Creative skills (out of 15) or Business skills (out of 9) and regardless of their choice of the 24 roles, they also acquire the 15 critical to the success in the 21st century skills in a real-life setting.

At Vantage School, all the participants create, prepare, plan, manage and promote together for a period of nine months a performance to be put on stage, starting from scratch. The participants are engaged in each stage and process, and direct the progress of the events. The participants in each group are 60 in total, divided in 3 sub-groups, in which there are 24 roles such as:

- Front stage: a compere, musicians, singers, dancers

- Back stage: hairstylist, makeup artist, video producer, web design, computer animation, choreography, script, photography, fashion design

- Business subgroup – management, marketing, copy-writing, event management, PR, finance, social media, journalism, sales, digital, IT

Each role is being taught by a Functional Trainer. The school has 24 Functional Trainers, while all children from all the 24 roles are led by coaches and psychologists who are responsible for the integration of the social skills educational program into the overall program regardless of the role the child had chosen.

Vantage School's format is drastically different from the existing schools for arts, and is the first concept of that kind that addresses acquiring of the 21st century skills in real life settings, inbuilt into other educational program.

The format was chosen after pilot tests showing that this is one of the few formats which attracts and keeps the attention of youths for a long period, also motivates them to attend and reach high levels of creativity and initiative. It is the most preferred format by young people because:

1) The 24 roles in Vantage School are exactly the ones most often associated with the question ‘What do you want to become when you grow up?’

2) 80% of all children and teens perceive creativity and arts (music, stage, concerts, dancing) as irreplaceable forms of self-expression.

3) The existence of the business group gives art and creative people the knowledge to turn their talents into an actual business.

Vantage School will help your young people learn, practice, believe in themselves, experience, learn from mistakes, try, fail, then try again, be collaborative but at the same time authentic, start from scratch and then build a whole project.

Think of us as pre-entrepreneurial program that prepares and inspires young people to start (up). Very often young people do not start at all because they are afraid of failure, or believe they lack the necessary skills and experience, or are not sure about their motives (do I really love that? what is what I truly want to do?).

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