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Updated: 20/12/2017

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Trigenda® dialogue method

Trigenda LTD has invited Trigenda® dialogue Method. Trigenda® is a Finnish registered method which was developed to aid goal-oriented conversations in different professional fields. The method stems from social work, but it can be applied to other contexts as well. Central to this method is dialogue, motivation to find solutions with the help of it, and social pedagogical thinking. Trigenda® dialogue method activates the client (e.g., the immigrant in this case) to find solutions for his/her situation by concentrating on the client’s personal resources. This method is clear and easy to use, after going through the Trigenda® training.

Trigenda® is an efficient method that helps to find the meaningful factors, i.e. the points where training and guidance is needed, faster. It may significantly intensify the client processes, all the while listening and respecting the client. In other words, the client and the (social) worker “get to the point” faster. Time is saved and things get solved earlier. 

The method can be used in goal-oriented and exploratory conversations with 10-year-olds to seniors. It can be used with a single person, in pairs, or in groups. The method is one of the tools that the (social) worker can use among others to help his/her client. It can be used to chart different situations, in thematical work, or in long-term client processes.

This method has been developed during the past two years in Finland. It has been piloted in different sectors such as psychotherapy, student care, and youth work. Currently, the method is used in the fields of social work, education, student care (schools), health care, criminal sanctions, and work guidance. It has also been tested in multicultural situations and the feedback has been positive. The method is being developed to suit for people who are in the process of integrating in a new environment. Therefore, we would like to offer our solution for this challenge.

We are continuously developing the method and our method has received positive feedback for its training session (before you get to use the tool, you need to go through a training); workers in various fields have pointed out that their clients have also been happy for the method; and that it is good that it is a physical “thing” to work with. Digital version is possible in the future.

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