Updated: 18/12/2017

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Efficient and cost-efficient transport is key to sustainable consumption. We address this by enabling neighbors, friends or colleagues to merge small orders into larger orders, which significantly reduces costs of transport, in EUR and CO2. We take no commissions but ask for a small subscription fee paid by businesses. Live since Q3 2017. Pubs are ideal collection places - let's do this!

Numerous platforms empower producers to sell their products directly to the customer, which creates a very much needed bond between urban and rural areas.

However, the cost of delivery is often too high, usually because the orders are small.

pool.farm addresses this problem by enabling customers to create collaborative orders, which are then sent to the suppliers, directly or via the platform that they use.

pool.farm does not replace existing platforms, it simply enables them to receive larger orders. This enables more efficient transport and lower administration costs.

pool.farm service can be used by existing platforms for a very reasonable fee - no surprises.

The results are achieved by communities working together, which develops a social bond. In that sense, pool.farm helps you make your neighbourhood familiar.

The service has been in use since the summer 2017 in Sweden.

pool.farm is free for users.

businesses can list a catalogue on pool.farm for a small subscription fee. No commissions.

Users on pool.farm create or join “pools”, where users can create or join collaborative shopping lists, aka “pooled lists”.

“Pooled lists” are what make sustainable consumption more affordable, because it reduces the cost of transport.

We have been using pools in Stockholm with food and non-food products. There has always been a significant saving in transport costs.

Using pool.farm in cooperation with cargo bikes has been successful.

Small-scale and local producers like the solution because (1) they have trouble finding distribution and (2) with small volumes it is hard to get efficient transport prices.

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