Global Goals Amsterdam

(Pitched: 15/07/2018)
Global Goals Amsterdam is an alliance of four social innovators from Amsterdam; Voor je Buurt, 1%Club, Limelights and GoodUp. We aim to translate the Global Goals into local action. We propose an action based approach; we will challenge and facilitate 17 changemakers from Amsterdam to set up 17 tangible Global Goals projects, here and abroad. With our tools and services we train and support them to reach and engage 170.000 people in Amsterdam.

One Page Summary

By 2030 the world wants to have solved the 17 most pressing problems of our times. We believe that as many people as possible should be involved to make this happen. Because all big changes start by small actions. However, the global goals are mostly unknown to the majority of people, also in Amsterdam. Even when you have heard of them it is difficult to grasp what they mean in daily live and how they will contribute to making the world a better place in 2030. Therefor, we are going to take the Global Goals out of the bubble and translate them into Local Action. Over the next 6 months we are going to empower 17 Amsterdammers; individuals, organisations, grassroots initiatives and companies to set up a concrete project in Amsterdam or abroad, contributing to the Global Goals. The 17 selected partners will star in 17 separate videos, together with a set of strong visuals. This will form the foundation for 17 storytelling campaigns targeting the Amsterdam region. We will provide them with a Global Goals platform ( and with our tools and services we train and support them to reach and engage 170.000 people in Amsterdam.

The platform will have a Global Goals look and feel. We have developed an engagement model that goes from raising awareness, to educating and engaging to scaling up and creating long lasting behavioral change. Through our technology platform and training we will empower the 17 Global Goals Changemakers with crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and campaigning skills to realise their impact project. Trough impact storytelling supported by Limelights, the stories of all 17 changemakers will be told, giving all 17 Global Goals Global a human face and reaching and engaging a larger audience.

In using crowdfunding and crowdsourcing in order to raise awareness about the Global Goals, we offer a unique solution. Instead of focussing on education or knowledge we focus on action. By challenging Amsterdammers to set up a new project or share their existing project, we are showing not telling. And since every single project activates and engages its own network to contribute in time or money, a wider community becomes co-owner of the solution. We aim to attract bottom-up projects both here in Amsterdam and abroad, in order to show just how global the Global Goals are. Our aim is to involve a diverse and inclusive difference group of actors from Amsterdam, who might not normally work together. Voor je Buurt has a large network of local community initiatives and 1%Club a large network of international community initiatives that will be involved. GoodUp is responsible for involving Amsterdam based corporates like Booking, PWC and Accenture, which have all actively expressed interest in contributing to the Global Goals.

This solution has been tested in several programmes that GoodUp, 1%Club, Voor je Buurt and Limelights have set up with governments, NGOs and Corporates over the past 5 years. We have set up challenges around different themes and regions in which 20-100 changemakers/ teams of changemakers set up their projects and engaged and activated their networks. Our success rate of projects is over 80%. Together we realised over 2.000 projects, crowdfunded over 10.000.000 euro.

The online platform and our ways of coaching and supporting changemakers have been extensively researched ,validated en optimized. From these experiences we have learned what campaigns and campaigners are suitable for crowdfunding and what campaigns or campaigners are not. Elements that we screen on are (in)tangibility of the project, the network of the campaigner, the time and effort someone is willing to invest. We always encourage campaigners to form a team. We expect that for some Global Goals it will be harder to find suitable projects than for others. However, we are confident that with the use of our combined networks, we will find representative projects for each Global Goal. The strength of our solution lies in the possibility of uncovering and/or instigating great and inspiring projects. Also, we know from previous experiences that the storytelling power of the stories from the campaigners can be enormous, because they are usually very true and personal.

We offer a branded platform with the look and feel of Global Goals Amsterdam that enables campaigners to crowdfund and crowdsource their projects. Our platform software is delivered by GoodUp, a social enterprise that enables us to support changemakers around the world in the best way possible. Our platforms can be used anywhere and by anyone, this makes our solution very scalable; to Den Haag and Utrecht and globally; to Nairobi, New Orleans and Jakarta. Lets translate the Global Goals into local action.