Through Teamwork We Can!

(Pitched: 15/07/2018)
Create or join a team of people to work on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) An online platform will allow individuals in communities both locally and across the world meet and exceed SDG's. Individuals will be able to post social impact projects or post their skills and services to help others with their projects. These services will be both paid and voluntary.

One Page Summary

Philance’s ‘Through Teamwork We Can!’ solution addresses the need for raising awareness of the SDGs amongst the people of the city of Amsterdam and provides a platform for the people to work on the SDGs themselves. The solution works as follows: (a) You sign onto the platform to join an online community working to implement the SDGs in their own communities. (b) You can then either join an existing team that is working on an SDG in their community, or start a new project of your own. (c) From the online community, you can then recruit volunteers or freelancers to work on the project you created. (d) The platform provides tools for project management and team collaboration so you can efficiently track the growth of the project and ensure you are making progress. (e) If you need to raise funds for your project, the platform provides tools for crowdfunding, and eventually for impact investors to be able to fund your project. (f) You can follow the progress of other similar projects being done elsewhere through the platform, and learn from their successes and challenges. (g) Finally when your project is completed, you can publish the results to the rest of the world and move onto the next project! The platform is an open-source software solution backed by PhiLance’s professionals for product support. Although other solutions exist that provide components of the solution outlined here, this solution is unique in that it is open-source and covers all the functionality needed to successfully implement the SDGs in "one place".