The Sustainable Development Courses

(Pitched: 25/06/2018)
Investing in education is the most cost effective way to drive economic development, improve skills and opportunities for young women and men, to unlock progress on all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and to prevent conflict and sustain peace

One Page Summary

The SDGs are the most important topics on the national and international agenda. When we want to change the world, people and companies need to realize that they can actually make a difference. We can leave no one behind. Let's start in Amsterdam!

In the Netherlands there are 1.818.672 companies. In the province called 'Noord-Holland' there are 370.131 SMEs (2-250 employees). Most of these companies are located in Amsterdam. So the target group is large, very large (source: MKB Servicedesk). Because this solution is all about the combination between the civil society, (local) government and businesses. People and companies need to know what the SDGs are, what we want to accomplish with the goals and how we can use the goals into our daily lives and business. 90% of citizens say it’s important for business to sign up to the SDGs (source: pwc). Reuvekamp Solutions creates online SDGs courses for people from the civil society (employees) and companies with an online platform. This platform functions as sharing best-practices (innovative solutions), letting companies know which social projects are going on in Amsterdam to participate and creating a discussion between civil society and companies about sustainability. Apart from that there is an incompany course. The course helps companies to develop a sustainable business strategy. Because businesses need to transform. The  society holds the mirror. Businesses need to become social enterprises to survive in the 21first century. Civil society, employees, shareholders and clients are becoming more and more critical in the way businesses are doing their business (source: Deloitte). Knowing how to embed a SDG sustainable vision into your business is crucial.

Why online education? In 2015, 43% of the world population had access to internet (source: Human Development Index). Online education is one of the crucial solutions in spreading (true) information. Also, it is place and time independent. So people can follow it anywhere and at all times! Online education is also important because of the possibility to track progress. How many people from the civil society and which companies followed an online course? The extracted data does help in localizing trouble areas. It is possible to have direct impact in particular areas. 

It's crucial to connect businesses and people from the civil society together. So local entrepreneurs, employees of local companies and of course inhabitants of Amsterdam can share their thoughts about the SDGs and how to realize the goals. An online community with events to create a buzz about the SDGs and that local people can share their best practices and how they use the SDGs in their own personal or live is crucial to achieve the SDGs!