A job platform that promotes workforce diversity

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)
SDG Houe community wants to increase diversity in its community. In Amsterdam there a lot of newcomers and visible minorities that search for a job. SDG House can achieve its goal by providing jobs to diverse population demographics of Amsterdam.The jobs can be of any type. IncludeIn aims to be the digital job marketplace that will connect and match the above 2 sides.

One Page Summary

In 2017, around 50 organizations, hosted at the KIT building in Amsterdam, who are all committed to sustainability (through research, impact investing, platform development, ecosystem restoration, urban innovation, entrepreneurship development and more), formed a community branded as ''Sustainable Development Goals House'' (SDG House).
The purpose of the community is to be an action-oriented and partnership-driven community growing solutions for the global goals. The main challenge that the community is facing is how to include more diverse segments of Amsterdam city population to join their work and community.
Undoubtedly, a lot of newcomers and visible minorities in Amsterdam face the need to find a job. Working is considered a great way to integrate with the local society as they can immediately experience the ethics and customs of a society. Working can also give them a feeling of being valuable and boost their confidence.
SDG House consisted of a large number of organizations, is in need of human labor to address its global challenges and increase diversity in its community. The type of vacancies that are in need of varies from building cleaners to highly advanced personnel. The need for a way of connecting and matching the above 2 sides is obvious. IncludeIn can serve that need by being a centralized digital marketplace where the SDG House organizations can publish their job openings and newcomers and minorities in Amsterdam can find work.
IncludeIn as all marketplaces needs to balance demand (job seekers) and supply (job providers). If there no jobs posted on the platform there is no value for the job seekers and vice versa. SDG House can be the main job supplier until more employers become aware of its existence and start also publishing their vacancies there. On the other hand, IncludeIn needs to be promoted to immigrant and newcomer networks in Amsterdam so that they know that they can find jobs on the platform.
Current commercial job platforms (LinkedIn, Indeed etc.) are no locality focused, pay attention mostly to highly educated job seekers and they don't include the social aspect of minority inclusion. Governmental and nonprofit organizations provide mostly information on how to apply for a job and what legal requirements need to be fulfilled. Recruitment agencies focus only on non-voluntary work so they can take commissions from the job providers.
IncludeIn aims to fill the above gap as it gives the opportunity to open-minded and socially aware job providers a way to help newcomers and minorities integrate into the society. Furthermore, it has been shown that workforce diversity increases productivity and creativity. SDG House, as the main job supplier of the marketplace, will benefit from the diversity of the newcomers and achieve its goal to include diversity in its community.