Welcome to the Jungle

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)
A monthly talk show where stories are exchanged and experiences are created to bring SDG House and Amsterdam Oost communities together around the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

One Page Summary

Welcome to the Jungle is a monthly talk show that brings together a diverse community around the 17 SDG Goals. It is a concept developed by Luana Ferreira from LF/PR, to tackle the problem statement of this challenge of Inclusion of visible minorities, newcomers and more diverse segments of our city population in the SDG House community. 

The jungle in this sense stands as a metaphor for meeting place where new comers are unfamiliar with the existing rules and other animals. Where the established fauna needs to adapt to an ever-changing environment, where new elements are added and rules are evolving through the time.

In this ecosystem (as in nature) we are all connected and interdependent. And there is the need for cooperation for achieving something together (the 17 goals). Though sometimes we seem to be in  a territorial fight where only the strong survive. 

The challenge on how to invite diversity in has a couple of complex layers to be studied. The first step is to examine where diversity is flourishing outside the house already. And why it is not entering it. This demands a thorough field work made by a sensitive neighbourhood explorer who knows its ways in Amsterdam-Oost. The second one is to determine how Diversity is (not) happening in the SDGH. And why. The third step is to connect established members of the community with (possibly) new ones around the Sustainable Development Goals. Then let them work in pairs to break the walls and bridge the differences  by exchanging stories and experiences together. This whole process is filmed and documented.

The forth step is to produce the talk show: The community is engaged every time we run to explore the next goal. And invited to co-create at all stages in the monthly "Welcome to the Jungle" Talk Show. The produced AV material is fed to SDG and the makers’ social media networks.