Women Engage for a Common Future

Updated: 12/07/2018

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WECF is an international network of women and environmental organisations. Our goal is to contribute to a just, healthy and sustainable world. We strengthen local capacities, we influence policies and we increase awareness by campaigns. Our focus is on gender equality & women's rights, climate & energy and chemicals & health.

WECF is an international network with strong links to the grassroots level. Our mission is to strengthen local groups and engage them in realising the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our current main project is Women2030, aimed at building capacity of women’s civil society organisations in 50 countries worldwide and engaging them in the policy processes of the 2030 Agenda and Paris Climate Agreement.

Our dedicated staff is looking for new opportunities to make a contribution close to our personal homes. Our director and communications and advocacy coordinator both live in the Nieuw-West part of Amsterdam. We feel that there are inequalities in our city that need to and can be bridged.

Discussions on SDG's are mostly involving people that are already convinced of the importance. If we really want to preserve a healthy and sustainable planet we need to broaden the alliance of active citizens. We would like to engage specific targetgroups (youngsters, women, migrants, entrepreneurs) aimed at developing local actions in Nieuw-West, but also connecting them to national and global policy processes in an innovative way.

We already found a partner that can be the hub of change in Nieuw-West (Casa Sofia). We are excited about the potential positive output of our cooperation and we are eager to make this happen.