Iroquois' Law

Updated: 15/07/2018

Solution provider

Iroquois' law is a collective of different partners working on raising awareness around the voice of the next 7 future generations and taking hands-on action around SDGs to help businesses take those steps to a better world that is inclusive and sustainable.. People in our collective are from, REcause, Better Future, Oxfam Novib and Oranjekom Advocaten.

REcause is the legal entity that serves as a solution applier for collective Iroquois' law. We, REcause and Better Future apply with our solution on behalf of our collective. We focus on Amsterdam inhabitants and other actors via local SMEs and corporates in inclusive industries. 

For more information about Better Future: NL811508973B02 / kvk: 30181747

This collective, Iroquois’ law, aims to raise awareness around the basic principle of the native Americans; ‘7 generations stewardship’.

Our mission is that in any decision-making process the needs of the 7 following future generations will be taken into account. Whether these are decision making processes within governments, individuals or within businesses. In this proposal we focus on our pillar businesses and use the awareness and application of SDGs as our main tools.

We are experienced in creating awareness and hands-on action around SDGs through use of designed tools, for example 'live action road mapping' (magic carpet), The 7 chair workshop, SDG scanning (SDG Globe scan), the stair model etc. creating:
- Purpose driven and SDG driven business strategies within businesses
- Leadership development within companies
- Innovative thinking & learning to prototype
- Translate into hands-on action by road mapping

The people in this collective have a lot of experience in training leaders all over the world, we work together with NGOs and Social enterprises, design and execute all kinds of programs focused on creating a better future. We help our (corporate) clients all over the world with their strategy, leadership, sustainability and purpose and hands-on action.

Partners in this collective people from REcause, Better Future, Oxfam Novib and Oranjekom advocaten. REcause and Better Future are the main submitters of this solution.

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