The Turn Club

Updated: 19/06/2018

Solution provider

The Turn Club connects visionaries, change makers and practical idealists to the most pressing social and environmental issues by applying the artist-mindset. With imagination, beauty and play, we approach problems that seem stuck and find practical ways to look differently, reframe and take action.

Artists are used to experiment, to fail, try again, fail better.

They are working across disciplines, from very local to global, from focused audiences to broad exposure. They bring a fresh way of seeing, questioning and relating to complex issues. They work on the most diverse places and levels, from political conferences to refugee camps, from boardrooms to classrooms, from churches to prisons, connecting directly to multiple stakeholders and involving those that directly experience the impact of the matter.

We propose to bring the mindset, approach and the projects of these artists on the radar of the politicians, experts, scientists and journalists that are influencing, leading and shaping the sustainability revolution.

When we succeed to show, connect and involve experienced artists in places where the future is made, we can contribute fresh observations, new forms of research and direct relations between top-down and bottom up structures to the global transformation that we currently live through.

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