Updated: 15/06/2018

Solution provider

United States

PhiLance is a benefits corporation operating from Hopkinton USA. We focus on providing innovative I.T solutions to the varied social challenges that exist across social demographics and geographical regions.

Our status as a benefits corporation ensures that we have the social impact of our operations at the core of our ethos and manifesto.

Social impact is not a "by product" of how we operate, it is the key to our success

Solutions are provided through harnessing the many years experience we have in developing and deploying solutions to individuals across the globe. 

Indeed, within the organisation itself, we have members from all over the globe, working together and collaborating to produce innovative solutions.

This collaboration is reflected in the solutions that we provide.

We believe in breaking down barriers and empowering people to work together in ways that benefit those who are less empowered. 

Having social impact globally as well as locally is important to us and this is why we are looking to work with Amsterdam in meeting it's social aims and goals.

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