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Updated: 14/06/2018

Solution provider

RecyQ is an Amsterdam-based cleantech social enterprise that launched its first mobile Zero Waste platform in 2016. Selected by Startup in Residence Amsterdam 1.0 Started from the Zuidoost district raising awareness about the need to separate waste materials in order to reduce CO2 from waste incineration; Succes = get residents involved and after a while communities run zero waste by themselves!

* What’s different about RecyQ is that we strive to make a positive impact on the environment, communities and smart cities by utilising waste and technology. Our platform is based on impact by training communities to become resilient, we provide mobile, digital and offline interventions to start reducing, reusing, recycling and composting. Increasing sustainable behaviour is key; day-to-day routines, engage the city council for better facilities, circular economy evolves around closing loops. As a social enterprise we close the loop in community CO2 reduction by making residents part of the solution for a cleaner environment; help to participate into the circular economy and reduce emissions and costs from waste incineration. 

Our startup launched Zero Waste Zuidoost )* the 1st zero waste community in Amsterdam, in the district with the lowest waste separation rate in the Netherlands.. In 15 months we tested 5 interventions; with over 5000 residents; diverted 6800 kg of valuable resources away from incineration and into the circular economy; created clean tech jobs, launched an app, a zero waste store, a composting hotel, up-cycled 400 ophan bikes and ran a mobile zero waste campaign at 4 community centers. We educated schoolchildren in upcycling glass, plastic and textiles. In the process reduced over 5000 kg of CO2 or the equivalent of 300 trees that grow for a year. RecyQ and its Smart City Amsterdam partners were rewarded with the Circular Innovation Award at the Smart City Expo World Congres Barcelona 2017. Our best practices and interventions are helping the gemeente city council of Amsterdam to achieve its circular objectives for 2020. Our results provide input for shaping future waste management policy. 

RecyQ is currently working on developing IR technology for its mobile application and expand the app to an international audience. We keep supporting with our time, technology and assistance the first zero waste communities and families of Amsterdam Zuidoost that have grown self sufficient. 

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