A solution by greenApes Srl SB submitted to Climate Protection Now!

greenApes, the digital platform rewarding sustainable actions and ideas, is ready to help the citizens of Munich in protecting the planet

(Pitched: 21/12/2017)

One Page Summary

The need for global ecosystem protection and restoration is evident now. EU cities are dedicating major efforts to the shift towards more sustainable solutions. Besides improvements in infrastructure and technologies, the adoption of more sustainable behaviours by citizens represents a great challenge.

greenApes is a digital platform that promotes sustainable living by combining social networking, gamification and real life rewarding elements - among citizens who are engaged in some environmentally friendly practices but also reaching out to segments of population who are not yet involved. Citizens, after creating a privacy friendly profile, can share green ideas and inspire each-other, automatically certify (via third party apps and services) their daily actions and earn BankoNuts to claim eco-friendly rewards, offered by local green businesses. In a survey we conducted within the community, 72% of users declared that they adopted new sustainable behaviours while using the app.