Migration Hub Network

Updated: 15/04/2018

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The Network of innovators working on sustainable inclusion for and with migrant populations.

Migration Hub is a global network for organizations working in the field of migration, asylum and refugee integration. Its platform allows them to connect, match and exchange activities in order to avoid repetition and increase their impact.

As a Network, Migration Hub functions as a connector and guide. The physical spaces follow a franchise structure developing and following the vision and functioning as local actors that host and provide support to the locally-based projects and organize events in order to bring civil society, the public and private sectors together to foster collaboration & discussion around the topic of mass migration.
Our Hubs in Berlin and Heidelberg, offer free spaces to members of our network where to work, where to develop their community activities, learn, exchange and grow together. in building a unique ecosystem guided by the team in how to grow projects putting the human and the topic in the center of their solutions.

So far, more than 4.000 individuals have visited the Migration Hub Network main offices in the Alte Münze. Since July 2016 we have organized more than 50 events and 34 workshops. Our Network currently contains 46 high-impact organizations and an outreach to more than 2.400 European initiatives active in migration, as well as foundations, businesses and decision makers. So far, we have received more than two dozen on-site visits from fellowships and university students from the United States, East Asia, European Universities and renowned foundations.

On average we receive and go through a monthly revision of 7 to 8 requests from organizations to be part of our Network

Current and Former MHN’s Project Partners:

Migrant Entrepreneurship
Ja Finland
Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini
DAW, Digital African Women
European Commission
Transatlantic Resettlement Refugee Network
TRRN based in the United States
Robert Bosch Stiftung
Tel Aviv-Berlin Exchange
Deutsch-israelisches zukunftsforum (dizf) | פורום העתיד…
Language for resilience
British Council

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