Updated: 21/03/2018

Solution provider

Woodyshousing offers circular, healthy and affordable housing and an urban living room operated by end-users on temporary or permanent locations. Technology in all fases helps to connect people (users, neighbors, visitors, stakeholders), to fasten processes, to coordinate activities, to organize production and to keep financial control.

We developed a module building system (highly sustainable) and technology for production, real estate development, operation and community building to give people the instruments to design and operate their own building and community. The building system is developed like IKEA furniture and is made to train people in assembly the modules and the furniture. The operation of the building is organized by a compete workable IoT connected operating system and a platform for social activities. Together this leads to a fast solution of erecting social living labs, where people connect and integrate with each other and where there is training/education and work in the production proces, in the operating of the whole building and in the urban living room restaurant.

As we ourself don't believe in labelling people, our system is ready for everybody. 'Living on your own but not alone' is essential in how we organize the living lab: every studio has its own kitchen and bathroom but the urban livin room is the place to be for doing your laundry, meeting other people, have a drink or meal together, employ activities.

The technology furthermore supports these processes in terms of integrating, cooperating, sharing and exchanging. It also keeps rents affordable.

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