Hans Sauer Stiftung

Updated: 09/05/2018

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The Hans Sauer Stiftung is a charitable association with both, operative and donational funding activities. The foundation was initiated in 1989 by the innovator and entrepreneur Hans Sauer and obliges to act according to his will. Supporting research and science is the Hans Sauer Stiftung's overall purpose. Hans Sauer founded the organisations with the vision of encouraging innovation, driven by a social en ethical motivation and therefore create measurable societal and ecological impact.

Our Team

The foundation has an interdisciplinary core team that brings lab- (and also design-) orientated approaches to the various issues that the foundation is working on:

  • Conor Trawinski is a designer who has established many social projects in Eindhoven/Netherland (“Corner Spot”; “Uit de Buurtfabriek/Neighbourhood Furniture Factory”).
  • Barbara Lersch is a cultural and event manager that has manifold experiences in organizing and facilitating impact-orientated processes with heteregenous groups. She is responsible for the concept and the facilitation of a wood workshop in a refugee accommodation in Munich (“werkraum”) and is hosting an international event on social design issues for several years now (“Social Design Elevation Days”).
  • Ralph Boch is the CEO of the foundation and has developed various social design and lab-like projects and processes over the years. They span from affordable housing, technology and architecture for an ageing society to product design, education and immigration.

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