VOLTA™ food system: VOyage to Learning & Taste

A solution by Kobatsiaris Bros S.A. submitted to Sustainable Food Systems- Access to (qualitative & nutritious) food

An end-to-end, sustainable & healthy food system for vulnerable groups.

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)

One Page Summary

Malnutrition is a growing crisis in urban areas as a result of social, economic, cultural and commercial factors. The Global Nutrition Report shows that this problem is rising primarily in low income, vulnerable groups. These groups consume more calories and more highly processed meals. They are exposed to non-traditional foods, often high in fat, sugar and salt and are in many cases subject to safety concerns. Further, a 2013 study of the global burden of disease showed that six of the top 11 risk factors for global health are now related to diet .

Kobatsiaris bros S.A., a leading company in food services since 1969, aims to address urban malnutrition in vulnerable, low-income groups through the so-called VOLTA™ food system, an easily scalable, vertical solution [from ingredients selection, cooking, transportation and distribution].The food system has been developed around a five-steps process:

1.Sourcing 2.Production 3.Delivery 4.Engagement 5.Taste 
Sourcing is based on:
• A validated network of local contract farmers [ensuring adherence to quality standards and requirements] for the selection of high quality agricultural ingredients &
• A tested network of high quality meat producers & fish providers, strictly originating from the EU [ensuring adherence to EU production regulations]
Production. Based on thirty [30] months of extensive applied research in the sourcing & production led to the specific VOLTA™ meals. Up to now, sixteen, home-like recipes have been tested with direct, quantitative impact on major health diseases, targeting primarily vascular diseases and Type 2 diabetes. Around these recipes, the VOLTA™ diet will be designed covering a full week nutrition circle.
Delivery phase builds on 45 years expertise in the production & delivery of food services as well as food events organisation for multiple clients & in demanding conditions such as: refugees’ camps, hospitals, universities, schools, military camps, large scale enterprises etc. VOLTA™ meals will be delivered in the food events by the Kobatsiaris fleet of trucks that currently can distribute more than 10.000 meals on a daily basis.
Engagement. The engagement process will be implemented during a sixty minutes sightseeing bus tour, when food experts will introduce the tour guests into nutrition topics focusing on the relationship between food and a healthy body. The courses will be designed by the multidisciplinary team of Kobatsiaris experts that includes: Food Technologists, Public Health Supervisors, Doctors Hygienists, Dieticians & Nutritionists, Occupational Doctors and Safety Officers. The educational tours will be executed in the center of Athens. A well-curated journey will combine location-related info with food tips and healthy nutrition advices. Practical examples, edutainment & gamification techniques & problem-solving training methods will be used to deliver clear & simple educational pathways for the elderly people. Tour duration 50’-60’. 300 guests will be served on a daily basis.
Taste. A food event will follow tours, hosted in the Open Care Centers, where the only pre-condition for the guests is to follow a “bring your own plate & bowl” policy where they can taste recipes related to the tour course. Overall, the experienced Kobatsiaris catering team will serve home-like recipes to 1500 people.

The VOLTA™ approach has multiple implications in all five steps of the urban food systems value chain, as described before providing an innovative service that has never been offered before. 

Overall, three key strengths of Kobatsiaris bros S.A. coexist in the VOLTA™ approach, namely:
• The 45 years of the company’s expertise in the food systems production & delivery
• The extensive know-how in the organisation & catering of massive food events in demanding conditions
• The novel concept of the engagement process.