Epanekkinisis: “One used laptop per student”

A solution by Epanekkinisis submitted to Strengthening the Social Fabric in underprivileged, Athens downtown districts

Organise the collection of donations of used laptop/computer from local citisens and business, training groups of local graduates and enthousiast to reipair the equipment, facilitate the donation of IT equipment to local schools as well as further assist and educate with daily IT issues local citizens of Athens.

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)

One Page Summary

We aim to encourage and increase social cohesion through active participation of the Athens citizens in the improvment of their local schools, reduction of e-waste and continious IT training of underprivilegde or otherwise without access to IT groups of citizens.
All local residents can now actively either participate or contribute towards assisting one of these three causes.
Athenians that have a broken, old or simply unwanted laptop/PC are motivated to participate, share and connect through a non-invasive and creative action. The local students get better school facilities, the local unemployed youth get an opportunity to learn to repair computers and the senior citizens have a local shop were affordable assistance can be offered with daily IT access problems.
Our solution in practical terms aims to inform and demonstrate both to the citizens of Athens, of Greece and abroad about computer donation, reusability and its benefits to the local comunity.

With the establishment of a local shop we will have a location were donations can be delivered, training sessions for the technicians can take place and local residents can find affordable IT services.
Individuals and corporations should be empowered to donate old computer equipment by the ethical, social and environmental benefits that accompany such acts.

The implications of implementing our solution will be better school environment for the students, better work opportunities for the local youth, less IT related garbage generation, increase in social awareness and assist with the transformation of the area residents mentality into one of more creativity and collaborattion.

Currently there are no similar actions in Athens or Greece. There are a number of localized individual efforts to collect and donate used IT equipment to schools but none of these incorporates the notion of training young people and empowering them to become engineers and IT specialists in their own neigboors.

The solution has been already tested and deployed in this contect context to a number of schools in the municipality of Holargos with promishing results.

We are currently the only such action in Greece that increases public awareness to social reusage of IT equipment, youth empowerment and school improvement.

We have a well defined and tried strategy with regards to targets, benefits and encouraging of cultural and social exchanges.

We have a highly educated and motivated group of core volunteers that works together for a number of years.

We have already received substantial media coverage (online, TV, radio) as well as participating in related public activities.

All core technical people have solid IT background and many years of professional experience on their related sector (hardware repairs, software development, HR, social media, training seminars).