Updated: 14/04/2018

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Liminal is a cultural organization which aims to promote accessible and inclusive culture.
Our mission is to provide the opportunity for everyone to engage in performing arts, regardless of, physical, social, national, or linguistic characteristics.
We create a variety of social-artistic experiences such as workshops, educational events, new and/or existing productions as well as performances, with the necessary accessibility services.
Our ambition is to transform the creative scene of Greece into a fair, inclusive and sustainable realm.
As a team, consisting of artists and scientific partners, we act and create, guided by the importance of human values and we work for the right of freedom of expression and equal access to culture. At the moment we work based on three major pillars, education, production and services.
Liminal has been active since September 2016, originally with small-scale, targeted events to attract and build an audience. We aim to constantly evolve by including people of different specialization in our team and eventually gain a valuable place in contemporary Greek society.

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