Updated: 02/04/2018

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Solomon is a non profit media initiative founded in 2016, based in Athens, Greece and we strive for social inclusion through media. Our mission is to educate, teach, and collaborate with the refugee and migrant community who have an interest in the Media industry, with the end goal of giving them the tools for a fully fledged career whilst not needing to sacrifice their passion for creativity. In doing so, not only these inspired and talented individuals gain new skills and the right building blocks for a career in media, but they also join a powerful supportive community full of like minded creative individuals, from all different backgrounds. These displaced communities have rich and varied skills and interests that are being wasted by their host countries across Europe, therefore we want to give them the opportunity to express themselves in more creative ways and tap into an impactful industry where their voices and perspectives can be heard.

Solomon is made up of 3 branches: Lab, Magazine and Cue.

The first branch Lab is the free educational program, where individuals interested in specific fields of media can take part in a four-month program which provides foundational media training.

Lab graduates then have the opportunity to put their newly-gained skills into practice, through Magazine - which is Solomon’s online platform, where a diverse group of contributors express their thoughts and experiences on a variety of topics, igniting conversation around alternative perspectives from within displaced communities. There is an imbalance of content covering the true opinions of the displaced communities, and our Magazine is the platform which gives them a voice to express their perspectives and opinions in a supportive manner.

Finally, after the placements within Magazine, the graduates who have the richest skillsets, original ways of thinking and have shown commitment to their new career paths, are invited to join Cue - Solomon’s content production branch. Here they are able to start creating content across the whole media spectrum, gain an income, develop their careers, and, most importantly, become a part of a diverse professional team. Cue provides paid services in Photography, Filmmaking, Design, Web Development and Digital Communications to NGOs, media organisations and international companies. Cue’s aim is to give all its members equal opportunities for economic advancement and career development in the creative industries, along with facilitating their social inclusion through Solomon’s multicultural network. Cue is also the only portion of Solomon that produces revenue, therefore all income is redirected towards Lab and Magazine.

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