PUBP "Nasha Pakalenne" Tatsiana Zelko

Joined: 09/04/2018


My name is Tatsiana Zelko and I am Chair of the Board of Public Union of Belarusian Pensioners "Nasha Pakalenne" (Belarus, Minsk). The generally aims of our organization are protection of old persons, active informational activity, modernization of pension system of Belarus and any organizational campaigns implementation. Also, our organization has International status - we are observer at European Seniors' Union and coordinator at Sub-group "Contacts between Seniors" at the 4th Working Group at Civic Society Forum of Eastern Partnership (9 organizations from the 6 countries of EaP and EU).

Right now we are implementing the next activities in Belarus - legal reception room in Minsk for old persons; updating of Internet-site (in modernization now) - and issue and distribution of organizational bulletins; campaign implementation "To present old computer to grandmother" (the essence of it - collection of old but working computers from the citizens and organizations and present it to old persons). 

PUBP "Nasha Pakalenne" is alone organization of democratic Seniors in Belarus.