Intergenerational home sharing platform

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)
Intergenerational home sharing platform is addressing the issue of social exclusion of senior citizens by connecting them with young (student) “helpers” through match making process that results in cohabitation. Imagine something like a longer term Airbnb but senior citizens are the property owners while students and young people are the renting out spare rooms in their homes.

One Page Summary

In Croatia there are 758,633 senior citizens, or 17.7% of the total population. 25% of senior citizens, or 189.658, are living in single households and want to “age in place”. Many senior citizens are experiencing social exclusion. They often need support in daily activities and a social companion.

Demand for affordable housing in big/university cities is in constant demand and rent prices in those cities are growing by double digits per year. Student dorms are overpopulated and it is not easy to get a spot, which tends to be a very small shared dorm.

Intergenerational home sharing platform will facilitate the matchmaking of senior citizens living in single households and youngsters who are looking for an affordable home while ensuring safety and utilising the power of technology.

Senior citizens will get a companion in the form of a young roommate, who will spark up their life, help them out with some day to day activities (which all good roommates do!), and pay them rent to at least cover the utility costs!

Students will get a decent home at a price range similar to a student dorm. They will also get a roommate who is very likely capable of cooking a real meal by themselves, who is full of interesting life stories and a has a lifetime of lessons learned.

Who knows, the two may even become friends...