Involving of Seniors to the society

(Pitched: 15/04/2018)
We are planning to create the centre for the old persons in Belarus. The centre will provide to take part at the society of country (public and economical). Also, we are planning to create the Crowd Funding plartform for the Seniors' initiatives and implement any organizational campaigns.

One Page Summary

The project solution is addressing to the decision of involving of old persons to the economical and public society problems. Old persons in Belarus are very big unrealized physical and intellectual potential. The generally purpose of this project is disclosure of this potential. We will try to study of them to rules of business and create of system of financing of different Seniors' initiatives. Also, we will try to increase the social level of Belarusian pensioners.

Thanks to our project a lot of active pensioners will have possibilities to start the own business, receive needfull skils by the financing and implementation of projects. Needfull knowledges are help to start the active life in Belarus and project products will help to them to realized these knowledges in practice. It is very important for our country because we have not the similar products and pensioners are not have possibilities to receive the needfull knowledge and show of their great potential.

The project products are unique for our countries. We are planning to study of pensioners to business rules, to help to them to start and promotion of their goods/service at National (in persective - International) market. Also, we are planning to study of pensioners to project activity (project fundraising, management etc.) and we will create the first Crowd Funding platform for Seniors' initiatives. And finally, we are planning to developed our information activity. For example we are planning to make the TV-chanel about pensioners at youtube. Also, we will continue our acitivity by the computerization of old persons at our country (action - "Present old computer to grandmother", we are collecting computers and present it to old persons). All these products are unique for our country. We want to specify that other competitors are studing of pensioners to different subjects (rules of business for example) but they are not working with them at practice. It is very important addition for our country.

In this way, we proposed to strength the simple studying of pensioners to practice. We will help to them of business (marketing, counting, promotion) and project implementation (studying and Crowd Funding platform).