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Updated: 10/04/2018

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PUBP Nasha Pakalenne is joining the democratic Seniors from the all part of country.

Public Union of Belarusian Pensioners is organization which uniting the elders persons in Belarus. We exist from 2008y. PUBP “Nashe pokolenie” have the representatives at the 26 regional branches of Belarus. Organization is representing in the all regional centers of Belarus, at the 7 district’ towns, 5 settlements, 6 villages. The biggest branch is Minsk-City organization.
The generally goal of organization is involvement of Belarusian Seniors to Civic Activity of country. Directions of the present activity of PUBP “Nashe Pokolenie” consist from the next points: Informational activity (Bulletin „Pokolenie“ and Internet-site –; Remedial activity (Implementention of legal desk in Minsk for Seniors. Hundreds pensioners were use to our legal services. They had problems with medical departments, housing and communal services, State social services); Social activity (The members of organization were organizing the actions by protect of social and economic pensioners’ rights.); Education activity (Organization have activity by the education of pensioners to IT (computer and Internet). This events were with Youth organizations); Scientific activity (Experts of organizations are part of Expert Group AGE and Organization is coordinator of European Dialogue of Modernization of Belarus by the Social Sphere and Pension Policy. We are preparing the prepositions to the improvement of pension policy); Organization has the legal status at Poland
PUBP „Nashe Pokolenie“ have cooperation with pension organizations from EU (we are observer at European Senior‘ Union) and CIS-country (Ukraine and Kazakhstan). Organization is member of WG4 at the CSF EaP. Organization became the official coordinator of Subgroup “Contacts between seniors” four years ago. The Chair of organization – Tatsiana Zelko.

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