Positiva Milano

Updated: 10/04/2018

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Italian No profit organization for youth mobility, active citizenship & sustainable development.

Positiva Milano is a  No Profit organization for youth mobility, sustainable development and active citizenship  which makes use of Erasmus+ fund of European Union as an instrument to support youth growth.

It implements primarily local initiatives, training corses, european volunteering and other activities within Erasmus+.

Why? Becouse the meeting of different cultures can only enrich the involved sides. The youngsters who took part in the Erasmus+ can implement the knowledge they gained once back in their country, bringing benefits to their own local community.

Our main goals are :

_ Promotion of active citizenship : develop and promote values and social inculsion among youngsters, involve them in decision making social process for a more effective impact, through tolerance & co-existence.

_Promotion of sustainable development : empower youngsters to improve their behaviour and take action on climate change, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity, farm-to-farm table food and sustainable consumption.

_Promotion of european mobility : develop intercultual skills among young people, educate them to learning mobility and transnational cooperation. Promotion of Erasmus+ through  #EyesFromEurope project.

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