Novena d.o.o.

Updated: 09/04/2018

Solution provider

Our team of experts has been creating innovative multimedia solutions in Croatia and abroad for more than 27 years. We engage in concept, consulting, planning, design, and production of multimedia projects, digital media design, design and production of printed materials, application development and design, 3D modeling and animation, photo, video, and audio production.

Novena d.o.o. is an enterprise operating more than 27 years from Zagreb, Croatia. Novena has established itself as an inevitable player in the Croatian cultural sector. Among our core values are playful creativity and innovation coupled with computer engineering, what gives us a competitive advantage.

Our programming team is renown for taking on challenging IT projects involving full-stack development — hosting and server operations, database modeling and implementation, business logic, web and mobile user interfaces. Our IT services range from small websites to large and demanding systems in heterogeneous IT and social environments.

We are also producing complex multimedia systems and presentations — websites, interactive kiosks and storytelling, audio guides, 360 panoramas, augmented and virtual reality systems. We are creating efficient and robust natural language processing systems, based on machine learning, mostly for media monitoring and analysis.

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