CaringMate Ltd

Updated: 13/04/2018

Solution provider

United Kingdom
CaringMate, specialized in e-health managing and care planning, with aims to push a new paradigm of e-marketplace for the fast matching of elderly persons with trusted caregivers.

CaringMate Ltd was founded to gather the past experience of his CEO in a company focused on contributing to a better quality of life of individuals. The mission is to develop innovative solutions related to e-Health and to improve existing EHR solutions from open source projects, carried out simultaneously in two directions, interoperability on one hand, and ease of use for the different categories of end-users on the other hand.

CaringMate ultimate goal is facilitating patient-centric care by making complete and up-to-date information available where and when is needed, resulting in enhanced collaboration on patient data and superior delivery of care. CaringMate strongly believes in the benefits that further developments of e-Health could bring to the community, starting from smart EHRs, user-friendly and really interoperable with all hospital information systems.

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