(Pitched: 12/15/2017)
We will create an electronic toolset for students with visual impairments and their teachers and offer it for free. Free2Learn will allow students follow lectures: visually impaired students will be able to see what is on the interactive board on their PC screen and read texts on their smartphone/tablet. They will create electronic educational games, and play with their non-blind friends!

One Page Summary

SciFY has been creating tools for the inclusion of the blind in the educational process for 3+ years.

And they are all offered for free.

We have created electronic educational games for the blind (, that have been downloaded thousands of times.
We used the games to organize tournaments between blind and non-blind students with astonishingly good results!
We have created Memor-i studio (, an online platform that allows anyone to create his/her own memory game and make it inclusive for people with blindness. More than 20 games are online now, on topics from language to mythology and astronomy.

Most of them have been created by blind children and their teachers!

We have created ICSee (, a smartphone app that allows people with low vision read small texts, such as a card, name on a door, a restaurant menu, or an announcement on paper at the school. ICSee has 2,500+ downloads and counting.

We have also used this technology to bring the interactive school board to a PC on the desk of students with low vision (Project ICStudy:

Well, this toolset we have created will now evolve with new features and will be adapted and enriched to suit the needs of blind children in the UK and their teachers.

It will also be offered for free and the source code will be offered under open source licences.

We will form a supporting community as we have always done successfully; because it is people who use the tools to make lives better.

For all :-)