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Closed challenges

The deadlines for the Challenges, below, have passed. Each attracted Pitches, some of which are now beeing developed into solutions as part of the Social Challenges Platform

Most recently closed


Promoting Design Thinking in Education

All Grow

Deadline: 15/07/2018

Design thinking is a creative process that helps educators facilitate the learning process for their students in a meaningful and creative way. Through our initiative Change Architects, we are aiming to disseminate this mindset in rural communities to increase teachers confidence in the learning process and to make the learning more engaging and practical for the students.

Earlier challenges


A board game for community development

A.R.T. Fusion Association

Deadline: 15/04/2018

Bringing people together to debate and find solutions for their communities that could be implemented with their involvement and stakeholders’ support


Gamification in education

Go Free

Deadline: 15/04/2018

An easy to use product based on gamification that teaches high school students how to use critical thinking to become kind and fair adults.


Izibac: learning made fun

IziBac Educational SRL

Deadline: 15/04/2018

Developing a mobile solution that transforms high school education into a pleasant, multimedia, gamified experience


Support the teacher

Teach for Romania

Deadline: 15/04/2018

Existence of an online collaborative platform for teachers in rural areas, which will develop leadership skills for them and their students.