Hugo Menino Aguiar

Joined: 29/08/2018


Hugo is CEO and co-founder of SPEAK, a social tech startup that connects newcomers and locals through a language and culture exchange program and cultural events with an innovative methodology that creates support networks between participants.

Hugo is also a mentor at IES-Social Business School, where he helps other social entrepreneurs start impact projects, and co-founder and director of AFA, a non-profit that supports the general community, youth and underprivileged social groups.

Hugo holds a MSc in Computer Science from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, where he was also an Assistant Professor. Prior to SPEAK, Hugo worked at OutSystems and Google as a software engineer and product manager.

He was awarded a Google golden award due to his efficiency and productivity, recognized by INSEAD as one of the top 3 young social entrepreneurs with more potential in Portugal, by UNAOC as one of the top 20 in the Euro-Med region. He is a Global Shaper at World Economic Forum.

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Twitter username: @hugomeninoaguiar