A solution by Astes submitted to Connect Refugees and Work

Creation of a local network to sustain the work inclusion.

(Pitched: 15/07/2018)

One Page Summary

ASTES (Sustainable Territorial Development Association) was founded in 2008 by the will of some companies and professionals with the aim of:
Promote sustainable development and enhancement of local identity;
Develop local economies, including the social economy;
Promote collaboration between public and private actors.
Astes sustains the creation of networks of cooperation between economic operators, public administration and research centers, in the belief that only the aggregation of different interests allows to increase innovative skills and competitiveness on the market. The same is true for tackling social challenges.

Our association was founded for sustainable development. We carry out social and economic research, project management activities, networks activation, social initiatives.

Our solution wants to carry out a specific network to face the proposed challenge.
A network of public and private subjects will be created. The stakeholders will have different interests, but all of them engaged to overcome the social needs identification in the challenge.