Get a Change!

A solution by Kaleidon Srl submitted to Connect Refugees and Work

We believe that this is the way to communicate the characteristics of the project, and motivate people to use the website and the service of Start Refugees. We want to encourage companies to be a part of this project and create a new brand "Start Refugees, and communicate values, the opportunity and discovery "the Why".

(Pitched: 13/07/2018)

One Page Summary

We want to communicate the project in an immediate, clear and simple way, so that companies and cooperatives can understand immediately the advantage.
We will create two short videos for web, to explain the characteristics of the project and encourage people to use the site and services
We want to involve both the Start Refugees Team and the companies and the cooperatives that have already joined the project in order to have their testimony.
We can explain “the real why” of this project and creat a new brand, because the companies need to feel a part of something special.
We have thirty years of experience of communication and we had realized a lot of video for companies and cooperatives.
We can make a video for social network and for a simple diffusion on the web.
The videos can be send in a quickly and easy way, by a link or using a QR code on the print communication.