A solution by ArgentoVIvo submitted to Connect Refugees and Work

Enjoy aging sharing. ArgentoVivo is a new model of life dedicated to Seniors to promote active aging.

(Pitched: 13/07/2018)

One Page Summary

ArgentoVivo is a new model of life dedicated to the elderly to promote active aging. This model makes available to small groups of elders already friends with each other or involved in common interests, through a digital catalog, a wide choice of sharing both the house and the related management costs, and the costs for useful services, of interest , of well-being and pleasure.

The parties are not put only in matching, but we will work to create tailor-made solutions, contracting with the service companies and good the best possible price for the agreements.

The possibility to save money and the support of the group will allow you to live a more pleasant life, therefore maintaining vitality and desire to do, then less physical and mental illness.

A virtuous circle will be created in which the value of experience will not be lost but will be made available to categories of various kinds, from children, disadvantaged children, migrants or the disabled. Many seniors will finally be able to realize their dreams by dedicating themselves to activities and places where they had not had the opportunity to access before.

The seniors will be attracted by the platform because this will provide them with many ready-made solutions, only to be customized, and also in places where a Senior does not go alone to live, es the sea or a foreign place.
Moreover, once inserted into the system, each Senior will start to accumulate the Silver Points which will give the right to further discounts, dedicated promotions, etc.