A solution by Territorio & Turismo submitted to Next mission: inclusion

Tourism sector to give an opportunity of work inclusion and social inclusion

(Pitched: 15/07/2018)

One Page Summary

T&T, founded in Palermo in 2001 on the initiative of some professionals with proven experience in the field of tourism, deals with research, training, economic consultancy and marketing in the travel, tourism and leisure sector.

The company works with private and public operators with the aim of pursuing the following objectives: (1) increase the level of competitiveness of companies in the tourism sector; (2) improve the analysis and programming capacity of public authorities in the tourism sector.

Among the services offered: studies and researches, strategic planning, territorial animation and Guarantee Marks (Product Club).

We think that tourism operators could be involved as a useful partners to tackle the social challenges and social needs, in particular for the work inclusion of disadvantaged people.
With this project we want to stimulate tourism entrepreneurs to hire disadvantaged people and to use this policy of human resource management as a CSR marketing tool (corporate social responsibility).