A solution by Ask consulting submitted to Next mission: inclusion

Network activation for the exploitation of the results

(Pitched: 15/07/2018)

One Page Summary

ASK CONSULTING d.o.o. is a Slovenian company established in 2015 by the will of the founder and CEO Dr. Gianluca Sarti to formalize the relationships with many public and private organizations in Slovenia.

ASK Consulting main fields of action reflect the background of Dr. Sarti, in particular linked to consultancy services related to: Project Management, leadership, & direction; Ideation, writing, management, evaluation & reporting of EU funded projects; Training in project design & budgeting, SME business development, EU Programmes, tourism; Sustainable Mobility: Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, intermodal transport solutions; Tourism destinations development, tourism products & packages development; Business development: Start-up Tutoring, business plans, investments plans, strategic & Operational Marketing & Branding ; Hotel & restaurant management (on field experiences); Planning & Studies for public sector: feasibility studies, project financing models, territorial development plans, impact analysis’; Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES), River Contracts, LAG strategy and Local Action Plans ; Valorisation of typical agricultural and handicraft products

Clients are situated mainly in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia and, more in general, all over the EU:
- Municipalities, Provinces, Districts, Counties, Regions,
- Universities, Research Institutes,
- Foundations,
- Agencies: Territorial Development Agencies, Energy Agencies, Innovation Agencies,
- Local Action Groups,
- Trade associations, trade unions, professional associations, employers' associations,
- Chambers of Commerce,
- Museums, Cultural Associations,
- Public-Private Consortiums, Social Cooperatives,
- VET training institutes, schools,
- SMEs,
- Tourism Product Clubs,
- Credits institute, private equity funds.

Our solution aims to create synergies between our projects (in particular our stakeholders network) and the objectives of the challenge. We want to create the conditions for transferring the best practices of the challenge's owner and to improve the opportunities to develop the social inclusion of disadvantaged people in Italy and Europe.