RuralVive is a structuring project of entrepreneurship and rural innovation adapted to the constraints and peculiarities of the rural environment, in order to create a positive environment, to support the emergence and growth of businesses and employment in order to fix the population and bring in people from outside.

(Pitched: 13/07/2018)

One Page Summary

The modernisation of agriculture was slower and occured later in Portugal than in other European countries. For RuralVive, family farming is unfortunately confused with subsistence agriculture. Family farming represents the basis of the multifunctional paradigm of Portuguese agriculture, to this extent it is important to emphasize the importance of its role in the production of food, as well as the public goods and the externalities that it provides. However, we can say that the most important role of family farming in rural areas is their contribution to structural and social stability in rural areas because of their great adaptability and resilience in crisis situations because of their importance in job creation local and family income guarantee, creates savings, is the main lever for the sustainable development of the portuguese countryside. It should be noted that this agriculture is linked to food and food security, which contributes to the sustainability of rural territories, natural resource management, the environment and landscapes of rural areas, is linked to population-based economic and social cohesion, in the families that work there and take their livelihood and live in rural areas. 

RuralVive is a non-profit entity, we believe that RuralVive is an essential tool in development strategies, allowing the knowledge about the territorial reality, the creation of new attractions that improve the quality of life of the residents. It is a contribution to the dynamization of the local economic and productive fabric, promoter of well-being and quality of life that will contribute to the improvement of self-esteem and local identity. It is an aid to the development of a coherent set of images on the territory that allows the development and the positioning of a "territorial mark" that values ​​the territory in question. RuralVive aims to project low population density territories to larger worlds such as regional, national and global. It is with the implementation of the project that we contribute to the construction of a favorable, attractive and persuasive image of the territory in order to maintain the resident population and formulate creative strategies to capture certain target audiences according to their interest. 

Our project constitutes a structuring project of entrepreneurship and rural innovationRuralVive intends to promote factors of rehabilitation, renovation or even revitalization of rural areas, betting on the promotion of the sustainable development of a territory. To this end, we want to contribute to the improvement of the environment and the quality of life, increase the efficiency of the use of resources with the aim of developing the economic fabric for the identification of the main products of the territory, making them known to the world using different territorial marketing strategies. Tourism, local gastronomy and other products constitute a "brand / identity" that values and identifies the territory.