It is time for Ypsonas to jump on the wagon of electric mobility. The promotion of electric scooters and bicycles could alleviate the city's parking problems as well as assist with the public transportation issues facing the whole island of Cyprus.

(Pitched: 15/07/2018)

One Page Summary

Public Transportation: ConnectiVision has been conducting surveys about public transportation  issues in Cyprus since its inception in 2016. The results we have obtained show that Cypriot citizens are focusing on two major issues:

1) Contrary to services promoted by other companies, our findings show that citizens are not interested in the construction of better bus stops which look nicer or have seats that are more comfortable than the ones already available; they are mainly interested in knowing exactly where the bus is in order to spend the least time possible at the bus stop. For this reason, ConnectiVision proposes the installation of GPS systems on buses and the development of an application in order for the citizens of Ypsonas to have the ability to check where the bus is at any given time and be able to reach the bus stop in time.

2) Our findings show that while many Cypriot citizens consider that while the bus network is adequate when it comes to catching buses on main roads and avenues, they find that there is a big issue when it comes to reaching the bus stop for people that live far away from these main roads. At ConnectiVision we think that it is time for Ypsonas to promote electric mobility. While normal bicycles and non electric scooters have not been readily adopted by Cypriots due to the island's high temperatures, electric bicycles and electric scooters, if promoted correctly, could provide a great solution to the city's public transportation and parking problems by allowing the citizens to reach the bus stops on their bikes/scooters without having to pedal and/or be affected by the heat .