Waste management is a challenge that concerns our society as a whole and is not only about the efforts of the Municipality. We need to implement new innovative services to raise environmental awareness, collaboration and civic engagement. Clean City is an all-in-one solution for waste management, powered by a web-based platform and a mobile application.

(Pitched: 15/07/2018)

One Page Summary

With increasing economic development and consumption, the waste produced within a city has historically been increasing. Unsustainable management of waste is a source of pollution in water, air and land.
Clean City is aim to effective and efficient reduction, reuse and recycling of waste. The community will be a leader in conserving resources and protecting the environment through using materials responsibly, recycling and proper management of wastes.
Sustainability is not about recycling cans and bottles. It’s about recycling our values and learning how to live differently. By infusing sustainability and environmental awareness into city life and civic engagement we can prepare future generations for their role as responsible world citizens. And this is the reason that Clean City emphasizes on the creation and strengthening of collaboration and confidence within the community (citizens, businesses and municipality), which is crucial for building sustainability and environmental awareness and minimize environmental footprint. This characteristic of civic cooperation is our main competitive advantage over other solutions.

Clean City is a complete solution for citizens, businesses and municipalities, helping them to collaborate and work “smarter”. It will consist of a mobile application that will communicate with a web-based Cloud platform and “smart” bins.
Clean City is designed in a 3 pillar framework:
1. Social prevention: Through the mobile application citizens and businesses will have access to a guide for the waste collection and recycling. This guide will help citizens and businesses on how to differentiate their waste, when it’s recycling or when it’s just garbage and how to dispose of it.
2. Social participation: Clean City’s goal is to actively involve citizens and businesses in waste management to provide substantial assistance to the municipality’s effort to increase recycling. Trough gamification we’ll challenge businesses and citizens giving them rewards for recycling, such as the reduction of municipal taxes etc. These challenges will likely result in citizens getting in the habit of recycling instead of throwing away. Also, they will be able to check the waste and recycling collection day, in order to know when to take out their garbage. Businesses and citizens will be able to order on-demand collection of items for disposal which are too big for the bin, as well they could book a re-use collection to donate old things like, pieces of technology, clothes etc. Also they’ll be able to report a problem, give feedback, make a suggestion or rate the garbage collection services.
3. Data analysis. All the collected data will be available via the web platform in order to monitoring and evaluate results or provide reports of waste reduction.