A solution by Gentoo LTD submitted to A Solution for public transport, parking accessibility and waste collection

The world is rapidly changing and people are adopting technological solutions in their day to day operations. Technology does not only make life easier and more efficient, it also enables better communication and collaboration. In a growing municipality like Ypsonas, the demand for the use of technology is growing, and we can offer a dynamic platform to enhance the citizens’ daily lives by making things more simple and disseminating information faster.

(Pitched: 15/07/2018)

One Page Summary

As the population of Ypsonas is growing rapidly over the past years due to the numerous benefits it offers, such as the good geolocation and cheaper household prices, the municipality is receiving a great number of complaints in relation to its public transportation and parking. Another increasing issue is the waste collection, something expected when an area becomes more dense.
Gentoo aims to offer a dynamic technological platform for the municipality of Ypsonas that will provide several capabilities and functions to face these issues and complaints. This will be done by providing a real time map of the municipality to the end user via a mobile phone application. This map will show the user several items such as live announcements, real time tracking of the waste collection truck, parking space availability and the bus stops and routes. All these capabilities will be built in the application for the user and managed through a powerful dashboard provided to the municipality. The dashboard will have user access if needed to have one administrator per capability. Through this dashboard, Gentoo will also be able to build on it and further develop new capabilities that the municipality will need in the future.