(Pitched: 15/07/2018)

One Page Summary

Features of our Project App:
Eliminate the waste of time by waiting on the line.
Plan your day on daily basis with the crowd monitoring.
Easy of access on the location you desire.
Notifications about time changes locations and Special offers of the Service store or Entertainment place u love.
Survey for your business by monthly report about the hours you had Q and when u didn’t.
Voice Commands on booking an appointment to a Public Servise place or Entertainment place.
AI-Artificial Intelligence (featuture) The possibility of the App to knowledge and predict if a Servise place or Entertainment place usually is busy at the time you would like to visit or not.
Forecast of all the weekly working hours suggesting you which is the perfect time for you to have a visit on the Place you desire.
Ability to book a reservation online or buy the product picking it up without waiting on the line.
Maps of the Available Parking near to the Place you desire. With sensors knowing the capacity and the availability.
Favorite feature, informing which servise near you, and which is open now.Which is hot(busy) and which is not.