To morph Ypsonas into smart city, an open data platform will be set up through the employment of low-cost microcontroller boards equipped with sensors. Thanks to such infrastructure, will be possible to collect data and information for designing advanced services for citizens. In addition, a mobile application for citizens will allow reservation of public transport and parking available.

(Pitched: 15/07/2018)

One Page Summary

Our solution aims at creating an interconnected system prototype that allows citizens to improve their quality of life in the use of public services and improvement of public health. The solution allows the municipal administration to have advantages in terms of organization, optimization of resources and quality improvement of the service offered.
The technological system aims to improve some basic public services such as transport, parking and waste collection through the use of a web platform; a real-time system for monitoring distributed sensors and a mobile application adapted to citizens who want to take advantage of innovative services.
Through the platform will be possible for the citizen and municipal administration to monitor:

  • Available route for public transport;
  • Real time Parking accessibility;
  • Waste level for point of interest.

The devices that will be used are structured on three types of sensors:

  • Position sensors through them will be possible to view the geographical position of public transport moving in the city and also know the waiting time to reach the next bus stop;
  • Ultrasonic sensors will be used to determine the level of the garbage bin in order to warn and organize in the best way the number of bins in the area and the collection of the garbage collection service;
  • Proximity sensors to detect the density of occupied parking lots and the free ones, this will avoid wasting time with a capable reservation system. 

All devices will be interconnected via a mesh network that will send periodic information to the central server.

Besides the web platform will be developed a mobile application that will allow citizens to view real-time aggregate information generated by geo-referenced sensors. The sections of the application will be able to:

  • show the free parking spaces in the area of interest;
  • show the position of public transport in real-time;
  • show the position of the garbage bins and their percentage of filling;
  • show citizens' alerts or suggest.

Through the mobile application, the city can buy tickets for public transport and parking for their vehicle. If the parking lot is not equipped with sensors, it will be possible to use the GPS of the smartphone to signal its presence indicating the beginning and end of the stop.

The mobile application will allow the citizen to have a direct contact with the Municipal Administration, through the smartphone can send a report with the location, a photo and a description to indicate disservices or malfunctions, such as a hole in the road surface or faults in the lighting system. In real time, through the web application, the Municipal Administration will be able to view the notices and suggestions of citizens so that they can be managed and resolved quickly.

Thanks to this new system it will be easier for the City Administration to manage the city by involving the citizen with their own reports.

Its aim is to encourage a conversation with the municipality of Ypsonas in order to spur the creation of a novel virtual ecosystem based upon the paradigm of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The development of this system will help the city to improve its organization by making public services more efficient and to stimulate citizens not to use their own means for travel, there will be a gain in terms of less traffic and pollution.
The data acquired by the sensors will be viewable in real-time but stored to allow you to have a history and also have advanced statistics that can help the management and improvement of services offered.