Roots Creative Studio

Updated: 13/07/2018

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Our Philosophy

The team Roots Creative Studio was established in 2015 in Limassol, Cyprus by upcoming interior architects.
Stephanie Lountza and Stella Gianni are known for combining artistic and technical skills to create unique designs where people can live, work and be inspired in.
As a team we create dynamic designs that enrich the personal and business life of our clients based on their comfort and interest.
Our services start from a creative and ergonomic creation of an interior space, a contemporary change of an external facade of a house or a building and a design of an innovative product either furniture or lighting fixture. We conclude at a unique logo and corporate identity design or a technologically new website.
Roots Creative Studio is committed to provide excellence, responsibility and sustainability for each client. Client relationships are at the core of our philosophy as a company. Our creative designs fit style and budget for each client individually on their requests and demands.

Why Roots? The Definition Of The Root

The root is essentially what keeps the plant alive. It spreads and gives strength and life to plants and trees. Without the roots, the trees and the plants will wither. As the root grows it spreads in the ground and becomes stronger.

For our team the ⌊ ROOT ⌋ is our love for creation and design. That ⌊ ROOT ⌋ keeps us together as a team, it enriches our knowledge and ⌊ SPREADS ⌋ to other paths and opportunities and makes us each day stronger and more experienced.

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